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What They’re Saying

Thank you so much Dr Sandra and Dr Catherine for sharing your insights into integrative medicine. Wish there were more doctors like you both. Keep up the great work. Thank you for being human and sharing your vulnerability and looking at foods and diet for healing as well. Not just putting a band aid on everything. Appreciate what you are doing.


Margaret Jasinska is an amazing naturopath and is very detailed in her explanations. I had been struggling with my psoriasis for multiple years now and I had literally lost hope, when I luckily found her reference online. She listened to me carefully, explained to me about where the problem was and how long it would take to fix it. She gave me some supplements and suggested a natural and holistic diet which she said: "Trust me you won't have any issues" and she was correct. It's been almost a couple of months that I have been on the diet, supplements and following her advice, my psoriasis is now clear and my general health is much better now as well. I can't thank Margaret enough for all her help and encourage people with skin issues to pay her a visit as well. Thanks a lot for all the patience with me and all your support and help.


Sandra Cabot literally saved my life. I went to her in 1994 when I was totally numb down my left side. It had been like that for at least a week. My head, face, torso, arm, leg. I couldn't feel a thing. Food fell out of my mouth and I couldn't tell if I had something in my eye. After consulting with her in Camden, I followed her eating advice and took the recommended supplements. 3 days later the feeling came back. Due to her expertise, I now know what brings the numbness on so can avoid it. I can never thank her enough.

Jan Reeves

I had a consultation with Dr Sandra Cabot over the phone, which was very helpful & convenient. I have seen Dr Cabot in Paddington 25yrs ago when I was struggling with PND after having my 3rd child. I was ready to jump over the cliff, literally. When I had my 1st consultation with her she reassured me that she will sort out my problem. And that she did. I was soooo grateful she helped me get myself back to normal & started enjoying my children & life, which some of us take for granted. And now I have reached menopause & am losing it - depressed, irritable, anxious, helpless, useless & cant seem to get a grip of myself. So I'm starting a new program with Dr Cabot which I know she will sort me out as she has done before. Can't wait to feel better within myself. Dr Cabot told me I will feel much better in a couple of weeks. i need to get back to work which I miss. I will post again to see how good I will start feeling again.

Harree Conn

Wonderful Doctor. Very knowledgeable and caring. Has been a fantastic help to a great many people over many years. Will get your liver working again and it tip top shape if you follow her diet.

Janphil Saunders

Dr Cabot and her doctors and products are excellent. Helped my hyperthyroid, irregular heartbeat and low magnesium. Email, phone and face-to-face consultations too. Books are awesome too. Thank you for the help to get my health back, my wife says thanks too,our sex life is back to when I was 20, 40 years ago.

Gordon Melsom

Liver detox 15-day plan made me feel so good. My bloating had gone and my energy resorted. I recommend the liver detox products 100%.


First visit very impressed with diagnosis, finally got some answers to some serious health problems. Happy I went there

Sandra Allen