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Camden Holistic Health Clinic

To achieve optimal health you need a good diet, adequate minerals and vitamins, a positive mood, techniques to handle the stress of life, and hopefully, you have some time for exercise

For some of us good mental and physical health is not too hard to realise, but for others, it can seem impossible. Stress and genetic imperfections seem to be the biggest obstacles. Our team of healthcare practitioners takes all this into account to aim to make your journey to health easier and more enjoyable.

Our Services

Integrative medicine
 General practice
 Rapid weight-loss program
Naturopathic medicine
 Relief for menopausal symptoms

Introducing our Health Team

Dr Sandra Cabot McRae


Dr Sandra Cabot McRae graduated with Honours in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Adelaide, SA. She has helped millions of people to regain their health all over the world with her books on health which are published in 11 different languages.

Dr Catherine Casey

MBBS MMED (Metabolic Health)

Dr Catherine Casey helps patients resolve chronic health issues such as metabolic syndrome including prediabetes and type 2 diabetes. She has a special interest in autoimmune disease, gastrointestinal problems and chronic fatigue through a holistic approach. Catherine assists patients with HRT, weight loss and thyroid dysfunction using bioidentical hormones. Catherine has an interest in anti-ageing medicine and has a cosmetic clinic on Saturdays using Botox, PRP and fillers.


Margaret Jasinska


Margaret Jasinska is a highly experienced naturopath who has co-authored several health books with Dr Cabot. She has a special interest in helping her patients heal their autoimmune diseases. She also helps those who have thyroid problems by using bioidentical porcine thyroid extract and nutritional therapies.

Victoria Taylor


Victoria Taylor is an experienced naturopath who has worked alongside Dr Cabot for over a decade. She has special expertise in treating people with digestive and intestinal problems, progesterone deficiency and weight problems.
She works successfully with children who have food intolerances, allergies and developmental issues.

Vanessa McDermott

Registered Nurse

Vanessa McDermott is a highly qualified emergency nurse and does all our intravenous infusions. She believes in holistic medical care and nutritional medicine. She is an inspiration and can help you to lose weight quickly! Vanessa is so much fun you will leave our clinic feeling energised.

Louise Belle

BHSc (Nut Med)

Louise Belle is a qualified nutritionist with a passion for helping people achieve their health goals. She has a special interest in plant-based nutrition and creates specialised diet plans to suit her patients’ health and dietary needs. She is realistic and will support you in making small sustainable changes that will positively impact your overall health and wellbeing.

Kylie McCarthy

Adv Dip Nut Med.

Adv Diploma Nutritional Medicine.
Australian Traditional Medicine Society
(ATMS) Registration # 27189

After graduating from The Australasian College of Natural Therapies (ACNT) in Sydney, Kylie was trained by Dr. Sandra Cabot and worked alongside Dr. Cabot for several years. Kylie assisted Dr. Cabot with a clinical study on reversing fatty liver.
Also a Registered and Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, Kylie has a particular interest in detoxification, specifically of the lymphatics, liver, and gut. She has expertise in boosting energy, antiaging techniques, and weight loss.
Contact Kylie- [email protected]

Infusion Clinic

These are becoming one of the biggest health trends in modern nutritional medicine. If you are feeling run down, have problems absorbing nutrients from your gut, are recovering from illness, surgery or chemotherapy, then consider an infusion for quicker results.

An intravenous infusion goes directly into your bloodstream where all of the nutrients, such as iron or vitamin C, can be readily absorbed by your cells.

We source our sterile intravenous formulas and intramuscular injections from approved Australian owned companies , fully licensed with the TGA.

We are able to tailor your treatment to meet your individual needs and can offer a wide range of vitamin, mineral and antioxidant combinations including the following:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B group
  • powerful antioxidants (this cannot be absorbed from the gut)
  • Iron
  • Vitamin D3 megadoses
  • other specific infusions – These therapies may aids the production of ATP within the body, which in turn boosts energy levels and reduces feelings of tiredness or exhaustion. This is a quick way to rejuvenate energy levels. It can also help people recovering from jetlag.

How do you feel after the drip (infusion)?

You generally do not feel any different, although some people experience a warm sensation throughout their whole body. Some people feel much better within 30 minutes. Rarely allergic reactions can occur. Our nurse can handle these as she is an intensive care emergency nurse.

Vaccine Clinic

At our vaccine clinic we can administer all required vaccines. It is a free service. We are excited to be getting Novavax imminently. An added benefit of our vaccine clinic is that our nurse or doctor will discuss the important strategies to optimize your immune system.

Removal of Implanon

Dr Catherine Casey can remove your Implanon with minimal discomfort.

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